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Mythology III: The Search For Relevance

by Mythology

Hello my friends! It’s been so long! Please come inside, sit down, drink up ’til the room spins ‘round! Let us sail the seas. Do as we please. Explore new worlds and make them our own. Take what’s not ours by force as a matter of course. Enemies die at our hand. Kill them where they stand! Onward! Upward! Out into the sky! We’ll cry a tune. Valhalla’s moon will lead us ’til we die. Save yourselves for anyone’s to blame. Incinerate all that remains. ’Til our dying days… Prepare yourselves for journeys surreal. Please take your time, explore, create, ’til you’re left wanting more. Be the designer of a land so much finer. Venture out, start over again. Let the wind in our sails tell us where we prevail. Our worlds are excitable, invitable, but not too recitable.
This is for all the ones we’ve lost along the way. The ones we cared about the most and still are here today. But now their minds are draped with poison. He saw the Universe hanging from a string. He held it all before it crumbled into nothing. And he never felt so sorry in his life… He lived inside a cave. His psyche can’t be saved. Cause he truly felt the guilt of destroying it all. He’s trapped inside that thought. He told me this with moisture welling in his eyes. The only man he’d ever told had stopped and sympathized. And I held his hand for a moment. I woke that morning in a very pensive way. I showered, shaved my face, and went to start the day. All the while thinking of the casualties...
What ever happened to good Musicality? Cause all we’re left with now is Mediocrity. And if it doesn’t change, I’m gonna shoot myself, or at least occupy time doing something else. Why’d I spend all that time advancing myself more? So all my Guitar skills could just be ignored?! Well the bad are praised, it’s all the rage! It’s the latest craze for your listening torture! All we can do is hope it ends real soon, and we’ll see you on the other side. You should just give up now and find a day-job. Go grab a pitchfork and find a hayloft! Cause you’re gonna starve to death playing all those heavy songs. Or at least fade into obscurity’s requiem. Is there anyone who feels the same? Or am I all alone in this losing game?! I really miss Pink Floyd and Chick Corea. Cause all these newer bands are diarrhea! And they’re more concerned with how they look rather than how they sound or how much time they took. Is anyone listening or did you all just run? Or at least humor me in my symposium?
Can you hear me? Am I coming in loud and clear? This is it! The moment we’ve been waiting for! Don’t be alarmed now, when you see its awesome power. The secret to Immortality is ours now! Just imagine the heights we’d reach if we tried! And I can’t bear the thought of not being alive! And I can’t bear the sight of a man not alive when the secret is so near! Telomeres tell it all! Will you be big and strong? Will you live good and long? Or an average lifespan? We must know all these things. Arbiters have findings telling all requirings for the Immortal way of life! Is this moral? Is this right? I’ve stayed up so many a night. I tried to weigh the pros and cons. Humankind is certainly doomed… STARCHILD! STARCHILD! An evolutionary, revolutionary baby. We’re not quite sure of what it is or what it must accomplish. Scientists don’t know because they haven’t gotten that far yet. I guess we’ll never know because it’s up for interpretation. That was a real good movie, you should see it if you haven’t. All other Sci-Fi movies use it as a point of reference. I’m sorry that I’m rambling, but it actually serves a purpose. You probably wouldn’t listen to this song if it was an instrumental… Now the Starchild is born! It’s floating in Space! It’s the grand summation of the whole Human Race. Always searching the Time and the Place floating ever and anon...


Mythology's third album shows a wonderful marriage of technicality and accessibility. A mature piece of work that shows a fully blossomed Artist come into their own. Drummer Jordan Morrissey joins as a permanent member after the early 2012 departure of original Drummer Jason Turner. "III" is the first statement that Mythology Mark II made onto record, and Brynen, Dane, and Jordan quickly melded into one cohesive unit. Having the ability to compose wonderfully catchy songs as well as daunting pieces, Mythology established themselves on this album as an undying force in Music.


released August 25, 2015

Recorded and Engineered February 2013 and between February and June of 2015 at Twain Recording in West Milford, NJ by Bob Both.

Mythology is:
Brynen A. Sosa - Guitar/Vocals
Dane Carmichael - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Jordan Morrissey - Drums/Percussion/Vocals

Guest Players:
Matt McLaughlin: French Horn, Grand Piano
Laura McLaughlin: Violin

Artwork by Abby Musial
Photography by Rachael Musial

Mixed by Bob Both
Mastered by Kim Rosen of Knack Mastering

Produced by Brynen A. Sosa

All compositions ©&℗ 2015 Brynen Sosa Composer (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Mythology West Milford, New Jersey

Formed in 2007, Mythology is a 3-piece Progressive Rock band from West Milford, NJ with a tenacity that is rarely seen in modern bands. Culling influences from the greatest artists of yesteryear. Elements of Jazz, Hard Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal, Classical, and Cinema all come together in a cohesive manner. Strict, daring Composition meets wide-open Improvisation in the Mythology world. ... more

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