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Greatest Hits

by Mythology

Overdrive 05:29
Gone Astray 03:06
Gotta get myself out of this place But my feet are tied and I don’t know why I’m boiling over, falling down Don’t think I can stick around Blown my chances time and time again Don’t know why I do the things that hurt me most: Pick the bottle up, and get a bloody nose, Float in space for hours, cough it all back up I can’t handle one time Quit society and wander aimlessly Where the wind blows is my home Fail to see this is a false reality And I will wake up when it’s time. Straight and narrow is much harder than it sounds I broke the chain and still feel just the same I walk a path and look ahead I’m not that far from being dead I turn around and walk the other way
Falling Fast 05:22
I got a feeling that my life ain’t worth it I wanna smile but I can’t seem to do it 24/7 hurtin’ inside I can’t stand going through with this lie I ain’t happy although I look it Name a drug and I probably took it Gotta do something good to myself Straighten up, fly right, get some help Take me far, far away from here Away from all these crocodile tears Help me soon cuz I’m falling fast Don’t know how much longer I am going to last I wanna feel like the game’s worth playing And that I’ll earn a reward for staying But I wake up everyday feeling sadder So convinced that nothing even matters It’s a drag when you can’t even smile And every action takes and extra mile Barely eating and sleeping all day This is how I get away
Wolf War 04:44
Staring at the sky on a moonlit night Savoring this sweet lupine delight Hundreds of peasants now masked with fright Forming as wolves in the pale moonlight Wolven flesh torn from the bone Fangs that seek to find the holy throne Violent quest for the wars unknown The howling pack is now on its own Riding to the moon on dragon’s wings The warriors of wolf are the beastliest of things Wielding thy swords whilst they sing The fire is in the eyes of the wolven king
4 hours passed and I didn’t seem to notice How long have I been here? Did I stumble into a slumber oh so deep And all I feel is fear The ogres of the night they plead with me to join them And see what they see Was that real? Did I see that? Were they speaking? My mind’s playing tricks on me Don’t know what has happened to me but I know it ain’t quite right Don’t feel the way I used to feel and the fear strikes me all night I can’t control it taking over any longer I now belong to them I feel it move across my body and beyond it It’s everywhere I have no choice but to accept it and embrace it They are now my friends The ogres win, I am their’s. They are mine Is there any end?
I’m just so bored now I’ve done nothing all day Oh what’s the score now? Absolutely zilch to say Oh what’s been happening In the world outside my head? I’m on an island, it happened again I slept all day and the world left without me And everyday now, I waste away now I could be doing things that matter Sleep my woes away Could’ve been a better day If I just got out of bed I’m thinking sadly I’d put my problems on the shelf But it hurts so badly I did this only to myself I’ll send a postcard from the world inside my head I’m on an island, it happened again I slept all day and the world left without me And everyday now, I waste away now I could be doing things that matter Hiding from my vice Oh wouldn’t it be nice If I just got out of bed?
Beside You 10:27
Across the room, other side Lovely woman to behold Looked at me, smiled bit Turned away immediately Playing games, flirting eyes Eyebrow that move teasingly Nothing left to do But make a move and take to you I’m going to make my way beside you, move around inside you, excite you! Say “Hello!”, smile and greet Better looking from up close Eyes that warm, ebony hair Skin that’s so soft to the touch Playful touch, have a laugh All is going very well Charming you, no problem Cannot wait to make you mine Got you now all alone Nobody now but us two Hold you close in my arms I can now see all of you Squeeze me tight, touch me soft Kiss everywhere possible Stare into each other’s eyes Have you with me all night long
They got him on his knees, but sometimes it’s not so bad They’d better leave him soon Cuz they’re starting to make him mad I wanna help him But there is nothing I can do, I think Cuz there’s only so much water one man can drink! Scott’s Stones! They won’t leave him alone! There’s something about 'em, Cuz they won’t come out him! Scott’s Stones! They make him piss and moan! They say all things must pass But they just seem to last Cuz it’s Scott’s Stones! So Scooter might just have his last ride But the stones keep committing their homicide! He pushes and pushes tim he thinks he’ll explode But we’ll just have to wait till the next episode!
And the Gods spoke down from the Heavens Said unto thee: HERE COMES MYTHOLOGY! Their weapons were instruments They played so violently Oh what a sight to see! They crushed their opponents well No danger seemed to be They fought so effortlessly You could hear them from afar Their sound was something sweet HERE COMES MYTHOLOGY! Demon Guitar! Demon Guitar! They sold their souls for the Demon Guitar! And the Gods fought back with a vengeance So they could keep their domain so pristine! But Mythology fought with a hammer Thor couldn’t beat And bashed in his skull with defeat! And the Gods backed off in terror; Ignominy! Because they knew they’d been beat And so our heroes took their place upon the seat Once meant for Godly majesty!


New Jersey Prog trio Mythology comes out the gate swinging with a charming, yet highly ambitious first album! Recorded when each of its members were barely into adulthood, "Greatest Hits" showcases a group of young men full of piss and vinegar with a lot to prove! All the while throwing a generous amount of dark humor in their lyrics


released July 31, 2009

Brynen A. Sosa - Guitar/Vocals
Dane Carmichael - Bass Guitar/Vocals
Jason Turner - Drums

Recorded and Engineered at Stones Studio by Scott Carmichael between May 2007-April 2009

Front Cover Art: Joseph Lauro
Additional Art: Kristina Runne
Photography: Joe Janisheski

Produced by Brynen A. Sosa

All Compositions ©&℗ 2009 Brynen Sosa Composer (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Mythology West Milford, New Jersey

Formed in 2007, Mythology is a 3-piece Progressive Rock band from West Milford, NJ with a tenacity that is rarely seen in modern bands. Culling influences from the greatest artists of yesteryear. Elements of Jazz, Hard Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal, Classical, and Cinema all come together in a cohesive manner. Strict, daring Composition meets wide-open Improvisation in the Mythology world. ... more

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