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Forever Endeavor

by Mythology

Local New Anchor: "You’d better lock all the doors. The Creeper Man’s on the prowl. Watching you where you can’t see. He hunts through the night like an owl.” *Your Mother nags you on your way out* Mom: "Well The Creeper Man is gonna get you, girl! Just like the monster that’s under your bed! He knows where you live, and he knows where you sleep. And looking for the next girl to creep.” *You walk out the door anyway, thinking she’s being a pest. The News Anchor blathers on…* Local News Anchor: "You’d better pull all the blinds. The Creeper Man might peep through. Feel that cold breath on your shoulder? He’s coming up right behind you.” *But, of course, you should’ve listened to your Mother, because in the midst of all this Musical Masturbation, a strange man wearing a trench coat stops you on your way to the local sock hop, and kidnaps you. He proceeds to lock you in his basement, chop you up, refrigerate your remains, and do other unspeakable acts that would make Jeffrey Dahmer blush. Your Mother ends up on the local news discussing the tragedy…* Mom: “You’d better lock all the doors! The Creeper Man’s on the prowl. Watching you where you can’t see. He hunts through the night like an owl. You’d better pull the blinds cuz you know he’s gonna try to peep through. Feel that cold on your shoulder? Coming up right behind you! Well The Creeper Man is gonna get you, girl! Just like the monster that’s under your bed! He knows where you live and he knows where you sleep! And looking for the next girl to creep!” *Maybe next time, you’ll listen to your Mother…*
Cosmo: "Remember back in the Summer of ’69, and we dropped out of school? And we didn’t care much about holding a job Or anything without tie-dye. Well we were riding a wave of… what? I don’t know. But we thought we were right. And we didn’t wear shoes while we Floated in Space, but we were the first to do it." Stone: "We joined a Rock & Roll band. And we all lived in one house. And we wouldn’t play without any Blotter Paper on our tongues.” *Upon remembering, a thousand hippies, reeking of unmentionable odors, come into sight and shout:* Hippie Choir: "NO WAY!!!” Stone: "The band played on for hours, and we didn’t know our names. Some guy just burned me last week On some Deadly Nightshade. The Haight-Ashbury is where I wanna be!” *Cosmo, seemingly incontinent, repeats himself.* Stone: "We loved to hug a tree. And we didn’t eat meat. and we wouldn’t support anything with a Corporate name on it.” Hippie Choir: (Still reeking) "NO WAY!!!” Stone: "The wave eventually broke. And the high had worn off. I met some girl and I had a kid. And I got a Corporate job. The Haight-Ashbury is just a memory…” *Fed up with Cosmo’s redundancy (and stench), Stone, who’s real name is David, puts on a suit and goes to Conglomo-Co where he makes well over 100K a year being a mindless automaton.*
You better get down! Before you fall! You better get down! Before you fall! When will you learn that you never should stand so tall? Born and raised! In this place! Born and raised! In this place! The taxes are high but you know that’s the usual case. When I was born, Momma said When I was born, Momma said: “Son, now you’d better stay wise, or you’ll lose your head!” Now I’m a man, playing this game! Now I’m a man, playing this game! I’ve gotten older, but very little has changed!
The Wendigo 07:42
*An Algonquian tribe is seated around a fire where the children are playing and the adults are passing around a pipe filled with what Stone and Cosmo from two songs ago used to sell to local High School children. The Grandfather calls the children over to tell them a true story that happened to him some years back…* Grandpa: "Late in the night when you’re writing your name in the snow, A voice that is calling you, calling you, calling your name! The whispering breeze through the trees is ever so cold! When The Wendigo cries, you will do as you’re told. YOU WILL DO AS YOU’RE TOLD!” *The children hang on his every word. Mostly from fear.* Grandpa: "And so you walk on for miles, and miles, and miles, To the voice that is calling you, calling you, calling your name! Well you’ve gone too far now, you can’t go back! And the voice that you hear draws near… And then you see it, the beast of terrors unknown. Tight stretched skin wraps around its pointed bones. Well you try to turn away, but you can’t run and hide. When The Wendigo cries, you’ll never come out alive. NEVER COME OUT ALIVE!” *Grandpa harkens back to his grizzly encounter with the aforementioned beast… Him and his friend Hassun were walking through the woods to get back to their homes, when they both heard a far-off cry: “HAAAAASSSSSUUUUNNNNN!!!” Hassan started running towards the voice, Grandpa couldn’t keep up with him. He was running so fast. As Hassun got out Grandpa’s sight, Grandpa gave up trying to run after him, and stopped to catch his breath.What he heard next could only be described as a cacophonous caterwaul coming from Hassun! He started running in the opposite direction when he heard another shriek. This one being unlike any human scream imaginable. It rand through the woods as Grandpa back to his home for safety. Grandpa chants a melody to ward off future Wendigo encounters. His grandchildren don’t sleep very well that evening…*
I) Overture: *Dateline: Metropolis, 2050 A.D. The world has come under the leadership of a singular universal government, The New World Order, or NWO.The NWO polices the globe under strict, severe scrutiny of various cruel and unusual methods that conflict with the U.S. Constitution (Which is no longer in effect.) Our Narrator tells us a tale:* II) Metropolis: 2050 A. D.: Narrator: "As the world turns, and the citizens sleep, The Suits gather in the dark to meet. Someone’s reading your mail, tapping into your cell. Your rights are gone, there’s nothing else. And when you’ve realized you’re being analyzed, They’ve already devised your demise. New ways to kill us: A bomb that’s filled with germs Should help us come to terms With the chip they’ve implanted inside our minds. On our ID’s and up our behinds. And when you’ve realized you’re being analyzed, They’ve already devised your demise. A-BOMBS! H-BOMBS! NOBODY-IS-SAFE-BOMBS!” *And when our Narrator says that, a humongous bomb dropped by Diabolicorps (A subsidiary of the NWO) hits Metropolis! The explosion is immense, leaving only bare skeletons and rubble. The movie announcer guy Don LaFontaine, is then heard: “Who can stop this senseless destruction from happening? There is but one mortal man by the name of Ronald Weisenheimer!…” Ronald Weisenheimer walks onto screen. A 6-foot-9, 350 pound mound of muscle with many weapons of mass destruction strapped to his torso. A shady NWO executive snipes him from a helicopter, leaving Ronald on the ground, bloody… “He’s just been shot, so we’re gonna have to bring in the next best thing: METALLOBOT THE BARBARICON!”* III) Entrance Of The Barbaricon: *Don takes his royalty check, and goes home. We then see Metallobot The Barbaricon! A trash can looking robot with hundreds of cannons, rifles, lasers, RPG Launchers, etc attached to its cylindrical body. It creaks around for a bit before finding the super-secret Diabolicorps Laboratory. But before it makes its attack, it speaks to us, which oddly enough, sounds a lot like Brynen Sosa tastelessly noodling on a heavily distorted Guitar.* Narrator: "And now Barbaricon must save the world. Sit back as our story is unfurled. Lasers and C-4 knocking at the door Of the sinister Diabolicorps.” IV) Meanwhile…: *Meanwhile, at the sinister Diabolicorps Labs (Patent Pending), the same evil-doers who dropped that first bomb, are planning to drop another! But, before they can do that, they hear something off in the distance. The same horrible screech that could only be one thing: The Barbaricon! And it’s getting closer! LOOK OUT!!! Metallobot unleashes a barrage of missiles, bullets, lasers etc. that completely eviscerates the entire staff of The Diabolicorps leaving them a giant pile of human glop. Unfortunately, since Metallobot was American made, there was still a lot of bugs in its main programming module. So, after its victory against Diabolicorps, “M-The-B” continues pummeling everything in its path! Children, Old Ladies, Small Puppies, it didn’t matter! Our Narrator, who looks a lot like Morgan Freeman, interjects:* Margo Fraimen: "Diabolicorp is no more! Metallobot stopped the terror! Out of the smoking fire, Comes Ronald Weisenheimer!” *Ronald Weisenheimer, previously presumed dead, arises from the ashy rubble with his own wide array of weaponry ready to stop Metallobot. “We have to stop ze Barbaricon! Eet’s shooting and keeling everyzing now! Come with me if you to live! Get to ze choppah!”* V) Let’s Get Ready To Fumble!: *Michael Buffer, who makes well over 200K a year with his cushy job, walks in with his $5000 suit and cups his microphone. “In the blue corner, weighing in at 350 lbs, Mr. Ronald Weisenheimer! And in the red corner, weighing in at one million pounds, Metallobot The Barbaricon!… LET’S GET READY TO RUMBLE!!!” Another royalty check. Metallobot and Ronald go at it! Destroying everything in their path with reckless abandon! They can’t quite seem to get a direct hit on one another, though. All they can seem to do, is scorch the infrastructure around them. Unfortunately, the orchestra is scoring this epic battle scene, was playing so blindingly fast, they cause the movie reel in the projector to explode and catch fire. A pimply 16 year old employee extinguishes the fire and is forced to refund everyone in the theater their admission. People look pissed…*
*Brynen sits in his dressing room before a Mythology concert at Madison Square Garden alone. The reviews are in for their second album “Forever Endeavor”. It was given three and a half stars. They said although it was certainly ambitious, none of it truly “meant much”. And that it was “sonic noodling mixed with wry, kitschy lyrics.” This upset him since he worked very hard on all of it. He pours himself yet another Scotch and picks up an acoustic guitar.* Brynen: "I would like to say that I have nothing to say. No thoughts to be expressed. No virtuosity with which to impress. I just wanna play. Create something out of bricks of clay. But I just can’t mold. This writer’s block is getting old. My mind is total blank. There’s no songs in the bank. So why can’t I just say goodbye? And never have to worry about these reactions that I cause From making these vibrations, and making you applaud? How sad…” *At this point, Dane, Jason, and other members of The Borborygmus Orchestra come into the room. They all greet him with enthusiasm, although he doesn’t respond with excitement. Julia McCue plays a melody on her flute as he thinks to himself.* Brynen’s Inner Monologue: "I am so alone, and one hears this subtle moan. Nobody sees just what it’s like to be me. Always in the front, whether or not I want. Please let me be. Stop criticizing vicariously.” *He then speaks aloud.* Brynen: "I called you on the phone. Did you read in Rolling Stone? They like our song, and only few things they found wrong. So sick of what they say. I just wish they’d go away. I’ve turned into a ghost. Seeing if there’s more than my most.” *His friends console him. A stagehand pokes his head in saying “FIVE MINUTES!”, Mythology walks on stage and Brynen suddenly remembers why he became a Musician: For the enjoyment of anyone who wants it. NOT the critics! Thousands of eager fans scream as the house lights go off. The trio bursts into…*
I figured since this an instrumental, I might as well write a story to go along with it. Enjoy! *Dr. Morgenhoffer finally found it! EUREKA! At last! The necessary ingredients to concoct his latest creation: The Nuclear-Powered Song! He does a maniacal dance for joy. He then proceeds to skip like a schoolgirl into his secret laboratory. He is so excited, he nearly drops his beakers which contain the basic elements for his project. The first element he pours into the petri dish, is Funk. This provides the basic syncopated groove and feel for the song He bobs his head in unison with the aforementioned element. The second element necessary for his creation, is Jazz. This complex element contains the sophistication and melodic/harmonic complexity a Nuclear Song requires. The thirds and final element, is Shred. Shred is a very unstable element. It is very difficult to contain due to its wild, destructive nature. It wanks its way into the petri dish. Seeing the Song’s awesome power, Dr. Morgenhoffer decides to let the song rest as he is uncertain of its incredible capability. The elements simply cannot be contained, however. All three elements run rampant with the lab. Each taking its own side. The Song has become, in the biblical sense of the word, UNCONTROLLABLE! Dr. M. is forced to eradicate each element. Otherwise, his lab would have exploded! Poor Morgenhoffer! Another failed experiment. He’ll just have to go and find another Nuclear Fusion to create…*
*The village of Ansnesia is plagued with Ragweed which torments the eyes and noses of its citizens.* Old Man: "All through the valleys and forests o’er yonder BEWARE! The Mighty Ragweed grows! Causing great error to the people of Ansnesia Where they all blow their nose! They dare not cross that line That leads to the weeds. That waters up their eyes. And it clogs the proboscis! And so the sovereign declared war against the ragweed. The ephebes begin their trek. Marching in rows two by two, swords in hand. Led by Lord Zyrtec! They’re bound to cross that line That leads to the weeds. That waters up their eyes. And it clogs more proboscis!” *Lord Zyrtec and his army strap on their armor and weapons and file into their ranks. He begins the journey. “Gentlemen, for the largely pollinated airs of Ansnesia! MARCH FORWARD!” The army marches towards The Forest Of Allergens. During which, some soldiers fall to their knees their eyes itch so bad. Luckily, Lord Zyrtec brought a year’s supply of tissues for wounded soldiers. They march on. Upon entering, they are attacked by swarms of pollen, dust, mold, lactaids, and shrimp. Some soldiers were demised by the purring kittens nuzzling at their shins. Zyrtec, the bravest (And most immune) finds the central cause for the terrible nasal cloggage, The Mighty Ragweed! He sticks his sword in it thus slaying the beast. Suddenly, the forest around them vanishes. The army blows their noses one last tim, and marches back towards Ansnesia. The trumpets ring all throughout the village.* Old Man: "Thanks to Lord Zyrtec, The Ragweed is gone! The terror has come to an end. Proboscis’s all o’er Ansnesia have cleared. The eyes have dried off all their tears! AHHHHH!!!"
I) Prelude II) The Far Away Land: *You walk down the street on your way to meet up with an old friend, when a stranger asks you where you’re going. He is dressed rather odd in a suit and a top hat with a pointy mustache. You tell him you’re meeting a friend at 8:00 with is 20 minutes away and that you’re in quite a hurry if he doesn’t mind. “This’ll only take a few minutes…” He continues.* Stranger: "Let me take you there, to the far away land Where nothing is real, nor the ground which we stand. So let’s take a trip, the ship’s about to sail. There’s telling what this trip will unveil.” *Your curiosity is stroked, so you ask him what he means by all that. He simply instructs you to walk through the door over to the left. A rustic, plain looking door in one of the buildings. You stand there contemplating when he interjects:* Stranger: "So what will it be? We’re waiting no more! All that’s ashore is going ashore! It’s now time to leave, and see what we see. So untie the mast, may Luck be with thee!” *You humor this madman and walk into the door. You are very upset to learn that there is nothing in the room at all! Irate, you turn to exit from where you came in only to find that the door isn’t there anymore! Suddenly, the lights go out. You hear the stranger’s voice:* Stranger: "HERE WE GO!!!” III) Setting Sail: *When you hear that, the ground beneath you seems to vanish as well. You are falling. Falling perpetually. You scream for help, but nobody comes to your aid. You begin to witness a wide array of colors that you have never seen before in your life whizzing past your head. You touch one of the bands of color running past you. It feels very pleasant and soothing. Warm and euphoric. You sort of wish this light show wouldn’t end. You hear the stranger laughing all the while.* IV) Mandatory Fishing License: (Dedicated to Brian Smyth) *You land in an old schooner in the midst of a seemingly infinite body of water.. You see a dark storm cloud coming towards the schooner. The storm is violent! Crashing waves every moment! The schooner fills with water. You desperately try to rid the boat of water. It is futile, though. The ship fills more and more with each passing second. Just when you think the storm is ending, a bolt of lightning strikes the schooner, completely destroying it! It launches you a few yards straight into the endless sea.* V) Shipwreck: *You float in the water, clinging onto a piece of wood from your former boat. The water is freezing. You: "And now I’m alone, just me and the sea. Storm wrecked my ship, and there’s nothing to see For miles and miles, land is so far away. I have to survive, I’ve a family to feed. Where are they now? Are they thinking of me? I can’t die today. I can’t die today. Water covers me from my neck down. False hopes arise as I look around. No one is near me. Nothing is near me. Exhaustion takes over, it’s starting to win. Nothing can save me. Think of my kin. As I go down. As I go down.” *Your consciousness begins to fade when…* VI) The Rescue: *A twinkle of light from far away creeps over the horizon. You: "A light from a distance becomes present As I regain my thoughts, I swim towards it. How did I survive? I shouldn’t be alive. The light, it gets brighter. It makes me revive. They throw down rope. They pull me aboard. They take my hand. Let’s return to land.” VII) Return To Land: *The ship that rescued you is enormous! It contains many medics who nurse you back to health. They feed you abundantly and give you new, dry clothes to wear. One of the female medics says, “We’re here!” You see a blinding white light that engulfs your vision completely. When the light goes away…* VIII) Home Again: *You realize you’re standing on the same street corner you met the stranger on. You look frantically for him and his door, but neither are anywhere to be found.* You: "And now that I’m back from the far away land. And everything’s real, and it’s ground wear I stand. I think of the time that I almost went down To the watery abyss on the Ocean’s ground...” *You run off to meet your friend. You’re not late.* "I’ve never been back to the Ocean since then For it brings back the time when I almost went in. I leave it for men who are brave than I. For they are the ones who are going to die!"


Mythology's sophomore effort "Forever Endeavor" showed huge growth in terms of Composition, Songwriting, Technical Prowess, and above all Grandiosity! This is the album in which this New Jersey Prog trio finally earned their stripes, and proved they could play ball with the big boys. Meant to be listened to as a "Movie for your ears", each song on this record tells a quirky work of fiction that each melody, lyric, and song structure exemplifies. For best results, read lyrics whilst listening!


released January 24, 2012

Brynen A. Sosa - Guitar/Vocals/Piano
Dane Carmichael - Bass Guitar/Vocals/Mandolin
Jason Turner - Drums/Percussion

Guest Players:
Joe Ferrara - Saxophone
Jordan Morrissey - Percussion/Vocals
Julia McCue - Flute
Shane Clawson - Keyboards
Matt Russo - Trumpet
Scott Carmichael - Keyboards
Vocals - Danny DiPeri, Jacki Winer, Jon "The Voice" Russo, Sam Arnowitz, Jason Roe, Kristina Zaloum, William Christopher

Recorded and Engineered between February and May 2011 at North Jersey Guitar in West Milford, New Jersey by Shawn Reams

Except "We Were The First To Do It" and "North Jersey Indigo's" recorded in January 2011 at Sausage Hut Studios by Tony Talamo

Mixed and Mastered by Shawn Reams

Artwork by Kailey Kildunne

Additional Artwork by Julia McCue

Produced by Brynen A. Sosa

All Compositions ©&℗ 2012 Brynen Sosa Composer (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Mythology West Milford, New Jersey

Formed in 2007, Mythology is a 3-piece Progressive Rock band from West Milford, NJ with a tenacity that is rarely seen in modern bands. Culling influences from the greatest artists of yesteryear. Elements of Jazz, Hard Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal, Classical, and Cinema all come together in a cohesive manner. Strict, daring Composition meets wide-open Improvisation in the Mythology world. ... more

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