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All The Planets Have Aligned

by Mythology

Thilafushi 10:55
your eyes were full until they weren’t blown about just like a current a little something oh so drastic a stinging thick veneer so plastic beauty and the bile add it to the pile littering my eyes as we float around the isle leave it there to die or burn it to the sky any way we do it we'll have to say goodbye predictable as such for shame running circles with no endgame break it down with fuel for fire or send it swirling in the gyre beauty and the bile add it to the pile littering my eyes as we float around the isle leave it there to die or burn it to the sky any way we do it we'll have to say goodbye Some things never change And then some things do. Too many pieces to arrange Can’t deny what’s true.
Raindrops 06:22
Trickle down from the clouds Gentle sounds caress the grounds From High… From High… Mournful cries from the skies Leave our eyes left to be dried From High… From High… Gather ‘round in puddles clear Every morning we meet in fear From High… From High… Sun peaks through and dries the floor Nothing left of the cloud no more On High… Leaving me with nothing on High… Nothing left of the cloud no more Nothing left of the cloud no more All that’s left is a somber stare.
I see you walking through the door Strapped to my face and on the floor Feel it come through me like a surge This is the animalistic urge Jigsaw puzzle fits so nice Once ain’t enough, better make it twice We’ll let our muscles be the guide Let’s Multiply and then Divide A magic trick that will amaze And sort of leave us in a daze What you will and what you won’t Now you see it, Now you don’t! Back to my primal tendencies Why hold it soft when you can squeeze? I’ve got a fully loaded gun In that instant, two will become one You’ve got a rug I’d like to feel I’ve got a fruit you’d like to peel I just wanna hear you say: “Come at me anytime of day!” Makes me dizzy, head will spin I’ll put it in the storage bin. All it takes is a glance To do the horizontal dance. OOOO! HOO-DEE-HOO!
I looked in the mirror today Didn’t see anything Don’t know how long I stood there Examining The image that came to be Was not that of my own Re-assess everything I’ve known Slip back and touch them Though you know they’re not real Hide from time inside your mind Imps send the signal Relentless badgering Crawl back into the plane Next time you must refrain Know that I’m here, and that I love you. Deep into the cavern The dark matter dwells Obstructive follicles Tickle your thoughts so well. Beware of the pain that occurs When you give it a little tug. Remove them all one by one. Now that the heat is on, The ability to flow Increases dramatically Now it’s time for the show. Watch the colors change When they’re released from the knife. Funny how Death brings us Life...
ALL THE PLANETS HAVE ALIGNED: Somewhere near the Tycho Crater Dwells our heroes who are greater Than any Evil you have known We are the warriors of the Moon! We are the Lunar Lupines YEAH!!! All the planets have aligned YEAH!!! Restoring order to the world Our story yet to be unfurled Remember legends of the Mystic Key Slaying demons in a fantasy Incantations that invoke spells Awaken to the sound of the tolling bells And they were heard to say: “CALLOO CALLAY!” And they were heard to cry: “By the sands of Time!” THE SWORDSMAN’S WORD NOCTURNE: VALS IN E MINOR DISTRESS CALL: Later on our heroes get Distress calls coming from the West: “Please help us! O, Lupines! The Lynx invaded us this time!” Signal sent. Awaken then. Prepare for what’s about to come Destroy them. The Vicious. Our allies need us on their side. Sacred Herbs can stop the foe. There’s only one place they can go. Prepare for, the journey The Swamplands of Cataria PHRYGIAN PHUNK: Paws.... the hero in our tale Donning his chain mail Picks up his blade Made from the secret ores of truth Fashioned out of sooth Of centuries long ago All through the village The townsfolk they cried Longing for Justice Return them their pride! Lept into the cavernous mire The ghostly sounds of choirs From deep within the lair There, our hero swung his sword Gashing through the fjord Leaving nothing left All through the dungeon The Phantasm cried Mocking our hero’s Attempts to subside Found the dungeon keeper’s herb Taken and disturbed Woken with a roar Yore, the beast was once a brute Now reduced and minute And slain by the Wolf All through the marshland The Sun showed its shine Sylvan and thriving The Quicksand has dried CENTURIES OF SLUMBER: Subdue the enemy with special leaf The wolves rejoice and there is much relief Let’s do the dance of ancient days Until we’re called again for help from far away. And they were heard to say: “CALLOO CALLAY!” And they were heard to cry: “BY THE SANDS OF TIME!” And they are due to sleep, FOR CENTURIES! And they have done the deed, FOR ALL TO SEE


This album is certainly one for the ages! And we could not be more proud of this effort! We really achieved what we had set out to do: Create a classic sounding prog record in the modern age. Something that sounds like it could have been released in 1974. Hopefully this record ages as finely as some of the solid gold nuggets that were actually coming out at that time!


released June 13, 2018

Recorded at Architekt Music - Butler, NJ
on January 27, 28; February 3, 10, 11 of 2018
Engineered by Shane Stanton
Assistant Engineers: Nathaniel Hawkins, Matt Filipek
Mixed by Shane Stanton
Mastered by Andy VanDette
Amp Doctor: Jamie Simpson - Booya! Amplifier Services
Original Artwork: Abby Musial
Photography & Mythology Logo: Rachael Musial
Produced by Brynen A. Sosa

Mythology is:
Brynen A. Sosa: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Guitar Synth, Vocals, Direction, Obscene Noises
Dane Carmichael: Bass Guitar, Vocals, Elvis Impersonator
Jordan Morrissey: Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Field Recordings, Godzilla

Joining them for special featured moments are:
Tory Anne Daines: Violin, Viola
Paul VanDerWal: Cello
Ellis Jasenovic: Saxophone
Andrew Digrius: Trumpet
Shane Stanton: Percussion
Jason Kresge: Keyboards
Nathaniel Hawkins: French Horn
Mike Lawlor: 2nd Lead Guitar (Lupines, 3rd movement)
Nick Gianni - Flute
Rusty - Wolven Growl

All Compositions by Brynen A. Sosa
except “Thilafushi” - Music by Brynen A. Sosa, Lyrics by Jordan Morrissey
Arrangements by Mythology (Sosa, Carmichael, Morrissey)
© & ℗ 2018 Brynen Sosa Composer (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Mythology West Milford, New Jersey

Formed in 2007, Mythology is a 3-piece Progressive Rock band from West Milford, NJ with a tenacity that is rarely seen in modern bands. Culling influences from the greatest artists of yesteryear. Elements of Jazz, Hard Rock, Blues, Heavy Metal, Classical, and Cinema all come together in a cohesive manner. Strict, daring Composition meets wide-open Improvisation in the Mythology world. ... more

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